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Contribute to the Docs

To contribute to the Druid documentation, simply interact with our Git repository.
While knowledge of Git is helpful, it is not required.

If you are familiar with Git, the following guide is probably too detailed.

Also see the Helpful links for editing the documentation to learn more about the tools we use to run our documentation.

It is also very helpful if you want to improve your technical skills, as tools like Git, GitHub, Markdown, etc. are widely used.

Editing an existing Page

1. Select the Page

Select the page you want to edit and click on the edit link at the bottom of the page.

press edit

2. Sign in to GitHub

Log in to your GitHub account or create a new account on if you do not already have one.

Login to Github

3. Fork the Repository

Create a fork of the Druid documentation repository in your account.

Fork Repo

4. Edit

Now you can directly edit the page. Each page is written in Markdown.

Markdown is a simple way to format a document and include images, text, links, etc.

Here you can read more about Markdown: Markdown Guide
If you prefer a quick reference, here is a cheatsheet: Markdown Cheatsheet

Edit and Commit

5. Commit Changes

Commit your changes to the repository.

Commit Changes Compare Changes

6. Create Pull Request

Create a pull request to propose your changes.

A pull request is a suggestion to add your changes to the Druid documents.

It remains open until we have reviewed your changes and either merge them or request changes.

Create Pull Request Open Pull Request

Create a Documentation Page

There are several ways to add a new file.

If you are familiar with Git, you can clone the repository and make changes locally.

If you are a beginner, simply follow this guide.
For more information, see the additional links below to learn more about the tools we use in our documentation.

1. Fork the Docs Repository

First create a fork of the documentation repository.

fork fork submit

2. Add File

Now you can see the entire repository and navigate the folder structure.

Simply navigate to the /docs/ folder, and you should find some md files and other folders. These represent the structure you can see in the documentation. Just go to the appropriate folder and select Add file.

In this folder, you can only contribute to the English documentation!

For other languages, please navigate to the /i18n/ folder and then to the folder of the respective language.

add file

Now make the changes. See Step 4 of the previous guide for more details.

Alternatively you can upload a markdown file, just make sure it ends with .md.

Commit Change

3. Commit Changes for the Pull Request

When you are finished, click on Commit changes.

Important Please tick the checkbox below that says Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request.

commit changes

4. Create the Pull Request

From here, simply follow Step 6 of the guide to editing a page.

GitHub & Git

If you are interested in software development or other software related fields, these tools are definitely important.


Docusaurus is an easy to use tool for creating and maintaining documentation. It is aimed at developers, but also makes it easy for beginners to contribute to open documentation.

Docusaurus itself has very good documentation: Docusaurus Documentation